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Having the Wherewithal to Look Out for Yourself with John Freeman
22nd April 2022 • Veteran Voices • Supply Chain Now
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In this interview, Veteran Voices host Mary Kate Soliva welcomes John Freeman, a U.S. Army Veteran and Director of Law Enforcement Operations at the Human Trafficking Institute. After being raised in a military family, he became a combat paratrooper and went on to serve and work in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Bosnia, Panama, St. Criox, Nigeria, and Korea.

It was while working as a Special Agent for the U.S. State Department in Korea as part of a visa/passport fraud detection unit that he came across a connection between many of the people they were investigating – just 5 IP addresses. It ended up being a crucial missing link between Korean organized crime and human trafficking. He had found the cause that would drive his work going forward.

Mary Kate and John take this opportunity to discuss:

• The surprise at finding himself on humanitarian missions while in the Army

• Why transitioning out of the military can create such a feeling of insecurity and instability for Veterans

• Just how pervasive and close to home the problem of human trafficking is today

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