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3. Existential Psych & Meaning with Mick Cooper
Episode 322nd April 2021 • On Meaning • Eugene Leventhal
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This week's episode features Mick Cooper, is an internationally recognized author, trainer, and consultant in the field of humanistic, existential, and pluralistic therapies. He is a Chartered Psychologist and Professor of Counselling Psychology at the University of Roehampton. Books he's published include Existential Therapies and The Handbook of Person-Centered Psychotherapy and Counseling, amongst many others.

This discussion with Mick is meant to provide an overview of existential psychotherapy, which is a school of psychotherapy that is based on some ideas from existential philosophy. We talk about the influential thinkers and some of the core concepts of existential therapy.

Learn more about Mick on his website,

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