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The Value of Having a PR Firm With Courtney Lukitsch
13th June 2022 • The Power of Authority Spotlight • Michelle Prince
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Courtney Lukitsch is the Founder and Chief Communications Officer at Gotham PR, a marketing and communication boutique agency based in New York City and London that creates unique campaigns and partnerships that deliver results. With over 200 campaigns successfully completed, Gotham PR hosts an active global client roster in specialized practice areas: art, architecture, design, culture, technology, retail, real estate, planning, and development and production.

At Gotham PR, Courtney has strategically positioned, launched, and creatively promoted hundreds of top-tier, first-in-category firms, brands, and multidisciplinary businesses in the US and UK. Courtney is an expert executive coach and career mentor. As a global leader in change management and organizational transformation, Courtney consults nationally with top firms and brands. Courtney has been honored in CEO Today Global 2022 and among the 'Best Women in the PR industry' in 2020 by PR News. Courtney has been Forbes Council Member in Business Communications since 2019.

In this episode…

Would you like to know the secret weapon behind business success and competitive branding advantage within the world of design, architecture, development, and emergent technology? 

As an expert executive coach and career mentor, Courtney Lukitsch and her team help people build legacy brands by being the go-to consultancy for inventive plans, marketing connections, big ideas, and impactful editorial and business-driven solutions. She advises that business owners need to surround themselves with experts who coach and mentor them on how to achieve their goals. If you surround yourself with the right people, the path to success will be much easier. If you're looking for a brand roadmap to position, launch, or to promote your business, consider working alongside an expert.   

In this episode of The Power of Authority Spotlight, Michelle Prince is joined by Courtney Lukitsch, Founder and Chief Communications Officer at Gotham PR, to discuss ways companies can achieve their goals through public relations. Courtney explains how they help their clients create significance, how her book Creating Significance can be applied, advice to business owners regarding PR, and so much more.