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Conscious leadership in times of crisis w/ Brett Thomas
Episode 113rd April 2020 • Scale with Psychology • Ani Manian
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In this leadership masterclass, I sit down with Brett Thomas, a world class expert on leadership development, who along with Ken Wilber, created one of the most successful and respected leadership development programs in the world called the "Integral Leadership Program." 

It turns out that being more conscious minded in business and leadership is also the key to maximizing profit..

If you’re the kind of entrepreneur who wants to succeed while simultaneously making a positive impact in the world, this conversation will feel like mainlining hero*n..

We talk about the different dimensions of leadership, the importance of doing business from expanded consciousness, how to think in terms of stakeholders and how to really motivate and influence your team, clients and community. 

You’ll learn the 3 key questions you need to be asking in a time of crisis and how to shift your thinking from being reactive to responsive so you can navigate your way to success - not just for yourself but for everyone your business touches. 

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