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Big Funks and Small Funks
Episode 1067th June 2022 • Business School • Sharran Srivatsaa
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Two things affect us, no matter who we are. First, we deal with day-to-day issues, the small funks. But then there are big and often heavy issues that nag us. If we learn how to deal with the big and small funks, our lives will be significantly better. In this episode, Sharran shares his formula for dealing with the big and small funks. Putting these issues in perspective and knowing what to do next is the key to a brighter future. 

“The coolest people to be around are those who believe in a bigger and a better future.”

- Sharran Srivatsaa


00:00 Catching the sunrise at the Top of the World

00:22 Two things that affect all of us

01:47 What is a small funk?

03:33 The formula for dealing with the small funks - When X, Do Y

05:07 This is the fastest way to get out of a small funk

05:15 What is a big funk?

05:24 There are two reasons why you have a big funk

06:15 The simplest way to solve your belief problem 

07:11 Being unsure of what to do next comes from several issues

07:44 The easiest way to get out of the big funk 

08:44 Quick recap of today’s topic 


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