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Q2Q has a "Real Live Connection" with "Teen Pride," and we hope you do too!
Episode 61st June 2022 • Queer 2 Queer Cast • Collin Miller
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It's officially Pride Month TO-FREAKING-OUT-DAY! We can think of no better occasion to release an episode all about being proud to be queer. It was an honor and privilege to sit down with two people who really put in the work to help LGBTQ youth and beyond. Percy and Amanda, two key figures with "Real Live Connection," are championing many exciting events for the fast approaching "Teen Pride" celebration this upcoming weekend. On June 4th and 5th, there will be drag shows, interview panels, makeup tutorials, and so much more. This is a unique space where minors can find a safe-space connection that encourages building better connections, not only with others, but within themselves as well. You and I may take seeing someone as dynamite as Kennedy Davenport live for granted, but many uniquely queer spaces don't accept minors. "Teen Pride" is really about facilitating many aspects of queer life without the inclusion of alcohol. No matter how old you are, you'll likely learn a lot about gender and orientation expression if you join us for all the fun. This isn't Pride-Cola Zero either. Be prepared for a jaw-dropping spectacle, and tag us in all the memory-worthy photos you're likely to snap along the gay way. See you over the rainbow! Those golden pastures are for everyone!

*We apologize for the slight hum. Our staff was working with some new equipment, and we'll do better next time.* (Just pretend you're on a plane and going somewhere amazing!)

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