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S3 Ep 7 - Exploring Commercial Real Estate with Peebles
Episode 711th February 2021 • The 411 Live • The 411 Live
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In this episode of The 411 Live, we are joined by Donahue Peebles III, the Chief of Staff and Director of Development for The Peebles Corporation. A privately held real estate investment and development company.

It’s something very very important about owning and controlling a piece of ground and to control and own our communities. Does the thought of investing into real estate make you nervous or confused or does being an entrepreneur seem like too daunting of a task? Is red lining an issue today? Donahue says, “In Washington DC, the average black household net worth is one 81st that of the average white family. So every $1 of wealth the black family has, the average white family is $81 and that’s a direct consequence of red lining.

Join us as we talk to Donahue Peebles, III about the keys to becoming a real estate developer and getting into real estate as a woman or minority. We got the 411 on how to become a real estate developer and get into real estate.

This is The 411 Live. Real People. Real Talk.