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“Rules” for Winning Medical Malpractice Trials
Episode 49th September 2023 • Just Verdicts • Brendan Lupetin
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Medical malpractice cases are complicated for the jury. You have to help them understand the medicine, the deviation, how the mistake was made, and why the mistake led to the harm. You have to try to simplify the case as much as possible.

In this episode of Just Verdicts (formerly Trial & Medical Error), med mal litigators Greg Unatin and Brendan Lupetin discuss using the “reptile” in their medical malpractice cases, a “rule” approach to trial. They reflect on what has and hasn’t worked for them in the courtroom as well as their opinions on using one or multiple rules. Tune in to hear practical tips on how to present your case “rule” to the jury during a medical malpractice case.

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Episode Preview

  • The benefits of using “rules” as a framework in your med mal case
  • Why you need to provide your rules to your experts
  • Why you should tie your rules to the jury instructions
  • Is there a place for a boiled down rule that describes the standard of care basically?

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