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#28 Max Miller (Tasting History): Musical theater, insatiable curiosity, Lady Gaga
Episode 286th August 2021 • Follow Friday •
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"The beginning of the research process, it's like walking into a pitch black room," says Tasting History host Max Miller. "You don't even know what's there ... Finally, you click on the light and there's something interesting. And then it's like, oh, now I can go down that rabbit hole

Miller's YouTube channel, which releases new food history videos every Tuesday, has taken him down a lot of interesting rabbit holes: Medieval mead, 500-year-old pizza, Aztec chocolate, and even parmesan cheese ice cream (a must-watch for his reaction to the end-of-episode taste test).

On today's Follow Friday, he lets us into what he's watching and listening to in his limited downtime away from the kitchen: A reaction video star with a knack for schadenfreude; a charismatic nerd who answers big questions with energy and science; a music scholar who explains the history of the art; and a "boring in a good way" finance expert who taught Miller how to succeed on YouTube.

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