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Do You Have Imposter Syndrome?
Episode 148th June 2022 • The Property Management Podcast with That Property Mum • Kylie Walker
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Have you ever heard of Imposter Syndrome? It’s that feeling like you don’t belong and that you’re a fraud and not good enough. If you’ve ever felt the same thing or something similar, like looking for external validation or finding it hard to take a compliment, you may be suffering from Imposter Syndrome. 

I only heard about it when I took an Amy Porterfield course back in 2020. After taking her course, I quickly realized that I had Imposter Syndrome, too,  and I could finally put a name to something I had been feeling for many years. I instantly became well aware of why it has taken me ten years to grow my business and make a profit and two years to start this podcast. So let me break down Imposter Syndrome for you in today’s episode.

“Don’t wait until you’re confident to start putting yourself out there. Courage actually comes from taking risks.”

- Kylie Walker

In This Episode:

- What is Imposter Syndrome?

- Signs that you have Imposter Syndrome and the annoying thing about it

- How does Imposter Syndrome affect your life?

- I share a personal story of how a simple mistake has impacted my life for a very long time.

- Things you can do to overcome Imposter Syndrome


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