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51. Sales Is Not About Your Personality with Natasha Hemmingway
Episode 5129th April 2021 • Inspire to Engage • Rachel Eubanks
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Many of us small business owners think of sales as a gift - you're either naturally good at selling or you're not. And, if you're not one of the lucky ones, well, poor you.

That's not what Natasha Hemmingway thinks, though.

She's a sales coach to small business owners. Natasha teaches what she learned in corporate sales (over a decade of experience!) to small business owners who are clamoring to feel more confident on sales calls and to have a system for getting leads.

This episode runs the gamut - from "selling with heart not hustle" to commission breath (this one made me laugh out loud!) to the shaking head test to knowing your lead pipeline. We cover a lot!

Natasha is intelligent, passionate and oh so funny! She'll make you laugh + learn.

Enjoy this episode!

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