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What is Branding Anyway with Marc Gutman
Episode 21912th October 2021 • Engage Video Marketing Podcast • Ben Amos
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Branding is one of those concepts that as business leaders and marketers we understand is a thing, and we get that it’s important, but have you really ever thought about how to define what branding actually is?

A quick google search will turn up a massive variety of definitions from design functions, to emotive responses and other more intangible ideas of what branding means.

So to dive deeper into this idea, and in particular to explore the role of video in the world of branding I’m excited to introduce you to my guest today, a brand strategist from Boulder, Colorado with an interesting history in the film industry.

Marc Gutman is a storyteller, entrepreneur, adventurer, and idealist. But most 

importantly, Marc loves brands and their stories. Marc held several positions in the story business. He served as Story Editor for Oliver Stone’s Illusion Entertainment, and wrote stories and screenplays for Oliver Stone, Warner Bros., and 20th Century Fox. 

In addition to his time in Hollywood, Marc itched the entrepreneurial scratch by founding a multimillion dollar tech company in Boulder, Colorado. Today, Marc focuses his energy on Wildstory, the brand strategy studio for brands that want to outmaneuver their competition. Wildstory has worked with brands like Thor Industries, Airstream, El Cap, Planet Granite, Earth Treks, Movement, Inboard, Outward Bound School, and First Descents.

Marc is on a mission to help the world après… one brand at a time. He is also the host of the Baby Got Backstory podcast; delving into the story behind great brands such as, Patagonia, Ugg, Build-A-Bear Workshop and Kswiss.