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The Importance of Self-Care After Burnout with Greg Leslie
Episode 424th November 2019 • Burnout Power • Burnout Power
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Greg Leslie (Canada) has done inspiring things after recovering from burnout. As a highly-engaged social worker he experienced very stressful situations in his community, eventually leading to burnout. Greg learned the importance of self-care. And founded the Educare Selfcare Studio, providing counselling and personal fitness training helping you create a self-care centered and healthy lifestyle. 

Topics we cover: 

  • Impact of jogging and other exercise; 
  • The first few actions you take when you feel burnout symptoms coming; 
  • Books for people experiencing burnout; 
  • Past burnout life decisions; 
  • Importance of Self-Care; 
  • Energy currency; 
  • Asking for help; 
  • Educare self-care studio; 
  • Developing habits; 
  • Healthy mind, healthy body. 

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Resources Mentioned:

The Top Five Regrets of the Dying –Bronnie Ware: