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When Your Team is a Priority
Episode 33rd August 2022 • The Priorities Podcast • WITH Wellness
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Diane Kim is a New-York based leader of People & Culture. She focuses her work on values-based start-ups & scale-ups, helping them define their DEI and social impact strategies, while setting their foundational People operations. She is passionate about transforming leaders and their people into progressive, non-conformist organizations - going from good intentions to good outcomes. Diane advocates for all People & Culture leaders like herself to re-look at the systems, processes and governing structures organizations have had in place for years. 

She joins Amy and Bryan on the podcast today to discuss the new way companies are looking after the well-being of their employees for both humanity’s sake along with productivity and refinement. 

Segment One: The Great Rebrand [4:00]

From Diane’s background in behavioral research and psychology, she ventured into People and Culture which for a long time were referred to as human resources. The group discusses the problematic nature of referring to humans as resources.

Segment Two: Leading through tough times [7:52]

Corporate America is somewhat interlocked with conformity, Diane is no stranger to this as per her own background. Diane pushed herself to break from this mindset and bring her newfound ideas of nonconformity to create more progressive, forward-thinking companies. Diane talks about how this changed her perspective on leadership and dealing with tough times like having to exit employees. 

Segment Three: A culture of wellness [16:48]

Diane’s experience in the well-being of both the company and its employees taught her the two go hand in hand. She talks about identifying the good intentions of all involved and finding clear ways to communicate. 

Segment Four: Leading by example [25:28]

What Diane has put into practice is a Diversity Equity Inclusion council that meets bi-weekly. Companies would do well to consider the importance of hearing these voices among their people. 

Segment Five: What is Wellness to Diane? [30:01]

As a leader, Diane has to prioritize wellness for herself. She recognizes there is room for improvement, especially during these challenging times. 

The Future of Work [40:00]

Will work be more like France? Or will work continue to be like America? Diane talks about what the future of work, wellness and Prose looks like as trends start rolling in. 

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