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Blue Rupees Episode 16 - Why EVO When You Can ZEEBO! ! & Nintendo Switch Lite
Episode 1611th July 2019 • The Blue Rupees Podcast • Blue Rupees Network
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Pokemon GO basically prints money, Tetris 99 is the Battle Royal game we deserved, and Hero could be joining Smash..? All this and more in this episode.


What we're playing: 00:07:20

What’d you buy: 00:20:50

Console Release Date Trivia: 00:43:45

Dragon Quest Hero in Smash soon?: 01:25:40

Tetris 99 getting a physical release in Japan and Europe: 01:33:30

Cuphead Cartoon coming to Netflix: 01:40:45

EDF 5 shadow drops this week on Steam: 01:42:00

G2A attempts to bribe game journalist Thomas Faust for positive coverage— backfires spectacularly: 01:45:10

Pokémon GO Grossed More Than Candy Crush In Its First Three Years, On Track to Cross $3 Billion in 2019: 01:50:45

Switch Lite: 01:55:00

Bullshit: Switch Pro?: 02:07:35