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Success Inspired - Vit Müller EPISODE 48, 20th March 2021
How to become #Sponsored Athlete

How to become #Sponsored Athlete

My guest today is a sponsored athlete, tech and operations manager and author of the book #sponsored

As a child, she pursued her athletic aspirations by playing basketball despite being a mere 5'5”. Spurred on by the love of sports and discipline, she transitioned to swimming, cycling, and running, claiming age group podiums and racing in the renowned Ironman World Championships.

Her book #Sponsored looks to explain the exciting and highly competitive world of sports sponsorships, including the sponsor-sponsee relationship. Through stories of other athletes and brand liaisons as well as her own journey as an amateur athlete, author Jasmine Chou discusses the sport sponsorship world from the athlete’s standpoint as well as the brand’s perspective.


Get the book #Sponsored

How Brands & Athletes Can Leverage Each Other

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  • (00:02:48) - What inspired Jasmine to be so active
  • (00:05:58) - What obligations one has as a sponsored athlete?
  • (00:14:53) - We talk about Ironman, Jas's experience and what goes into preparing for one.
  • (00:21:09) - What is the experience like getting through the finish line of an IronMan
  • (00:28:46) - What inspires certain individuals to do an IronMan triathlon
  • (00:30:42 - How does Jas balance her lifestyle
  • (00:32:51) - Key lessons Jasmine has learned from the process of writing a book

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