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609: 60 minutes to summarize the 1st Half of 2023: David Roberts & Bloomberg join the Cleantech Podcasters Roundtable!
Episode 6094th July 2023 • SunCast • Nico Johnson
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This is our highly anticipated quarterly podcasters' roundtable, where the cleantech sector's top podcasters converge to share their expertise and unravel the complexities of the clean energy landscape. Listen as they opine on the view from their respective podcast booths on what’s happening in Cleantech & Clean Energy in 2023! We’re joined this round by David Roberts of "Volts," Dana Perkins of "Bloomberg Switched ON," Amy Simpkins of "Power Flow,"  Bill Nussey of "Freeing Energy," Josh Porter of "Solar Coaster”, and our regular hosts, Nico Johnson of “SunCast” and Mike Casey of “Scaling Clean”. 

The panel addresses the significant trends observed through our collective podcasting endeavors, with keen observations on the barriers hindering the clean energy transition and diving into the industry's most challenging moments. How do these industry insiders rate the performance of the private sector in deploying sustainable solutions within the framework of the IRA? What has been learned this year with regards to media and content creation? 

Uncover valuable lessons and insights that CEOs and marketing teams can leverage to enhance their own strategies. And listen in as each reveals underrated and “to-watch” players within the cleantech sector.  

It was a treat to welcome 3 new participants to the stage, and fans of David “Dr. Vox” Roberts will not be disappointed. It was also our first time having a Bloomberg contributor on the Roundtable. Hope you enjoy the expanded guest list, and let us know what you think we missed!

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