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How to make your Business Agile and Growth Ready
Episode 32nd November 2021 • Raising The Bar with Allison De Paoli • Allison De Paoli
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In this episode of Raising The Bar Podcast, Allison talks with Dr. Dorian Williams.

All-state football and track standout to Aerospace Physiologist to local business owner.  We talk capacity building, helping team members take risks and why soft skills are the most important ingredient when implementing change. 

Are you ready to Raise the Bar?

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Conversation Highlights:

[00:47] How did Dorian decide to take a big risk?

[03:27] How does the military train an individual for the capacity journey?

●    Why is it important for small business owners?

[06:13] Why is a good structure important for business?

[06:49] What made Dorian change his career?

[10:00] What was Dorian's first step towards business?

[15:29] Why do Soft Skills play a crucial role in the economic sector?

[21:41] Military and business are similar!

[25:45] "Lifelong learning in development has to be re-introduced our culture."

[26:14] Books that are worth a read!

Memorable Quotes:

“Yoga is meant for the preservation of your own and healing yourself."

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