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12. Intuition in Business Success
5th April 2023 • Women On The Rise with Jen Blandos - Powered By Female Fusion • Jen Blandos
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Intuition serves as an essential tool for making decisions in the entrepreneurial world. It can help to quickly navigate through different scenarios and lead to more authentic and aligned choices. When you learn to trust your intuition, you can uncover creative solutions and develop a deeper understanding of you businesses’ core values. Intuition can also play a significant role in cultivating an atmosphere of confidence, self-reliance, and authenticity. In this episode of the Women on the Rise podcast, Jen Blandos encourages fellow female entrepreneurs to embrace their intuition and not shy away from making insightful decisions based on their instincts.

Trust your intuition and lean into it, because as female entrepreneurs, our intuition is often right and can guide us to make the best decisions for our business. - Jen Blandos

Jen will also give you some practical insights and tips to help you:

  • Trust your intuition when hiring new employees, even if their qualifications and experience look great on paper.
  • Listen to your intuition when deciding whether to work with a particular client or customer, even if it means turning down potential business.
  • Use your intuition to guide the direction of your business and make decisions based on what feels right for you and your goals.
  • Lean into your intuition when faced with multiple options or scenarios, allowing it to help you make quick, confident decisions.
  • Join Female Fusion Network to access resources and support for hiring and other aspects of running a successful business.
  • Reflect on past experiences where trusting your intuition led to positive outcomes and use those as reminders to trust yourself in future decisions.
  • Practice tuning into your intuition by paying attention to physical sensations, such as feelings in your stomach, when making decisions.
  • Consider setting a crazy price for services or projects that you don't really want to take on but might consider if the compensation was high enough.
  • Prioritize working on projects and with clients that bring you joy and align with your values.
  • Seek advice and support from other female entrepreneurs who have successfully used their intuition in their businesses.



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