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SNEAKER CULTURE with Heather Anne Campbell and Michael Sykes
Episode 1616th February 2022 • Way Too Interested • Gavin Purcell / LightningPod
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On today's episode of Way Too Interested, writer/comedian Heather Anne Campbell, the co-host of the gaming podcast Get Played, talks with Gavin Purcell about her obsession, sneaker culture. Heather also talks about how she started doing live comedy when she was 14, why she no longer believes her interests and hobbies are totally in her control, and why her podcast — formerly known as How Did This Get Played? — moved away from "bad" video games.

Then, Heather and Gavin are joined by Michael Sykes, sports reporter for USA Today and writer of the independent newsletter The Kicks You Wear. Michael talks about how sneakers helped him break into writing about sports, how the broader culture around sneaker culture went mainstream, and how to preserve your kicks for as long as possible. Plus: How the shoe industry changed all of collecting with the "drop" release model, and the story of the sneaker drop that literally caused a riot.

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