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Highways Voices 30 November - Protecting and preserving the network
Episode 4630th November 2022 • Highways Voices • Paul Hutton
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Even though the Chancellor’s budget, delivered just two weeks ago, indicated that budgets to maintain the local road network appear to have escaped further cuts, although as we sit in the middle of a three-year funding cycle-no further increase are expected for at least another two years.

On this week’s Highways Voices podcast, we explore the subject of proactive highway maintenance and the need for local authorities and those contractors that work on behalf of councils to strike a balance between reactive and proactive maintenance as part of a proactive asset management plan.

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One person that knows all about that is Dr Howard Robinson, MD of ASI Solutions and former Chief Executive of the Road Surface Treatments Association.

In this episode he talks about how RHINOPHALT asphalt preservation is helping protect and preserve both the local and national network, keeping it in a better condition for longer. He also tells us why the funding mechanism for highways maintenance needs to change to help incentivise local authorities to be more proactive in their use of surface treatments and why that will lead to less reactive spending in the future.

Now more than ever, increasing numbers of roads asset managers are seeing the economic and sustainable benefits of whole carbon and cost lifecycle management and harnessing proactive surface treatments to maintain their networks, stretching their budgets and significantly reducing their carbon.

You'll also hear why TRL Software and KL Systems win this week's Adrian's Accolade, news from our partners and some top stories from



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