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Paleo Ayurveda and Spartan Yoga - Vie Binga & Tim Ganley EPISODE 43, 18th July 2019
The Root Chakra and Your Mind in a NON-FOOFOO Way

The Root Chakra and Your Mind in a NON-FOOFOO Way


  • The Root Chakra is called muladhara in Sanskrit -- it is actually pronounced with a long u and long a, as in muulaadhaara
  • Muulaa means root and dhaara to hold, to contain
  • Tim is singing the Roof is on Fire by Rock Master Scott and The Dynamic Three :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56_5nhZkzXU
  • We think, we feel and we are, all at the same time
  • In the English transliteration of the Sanskrit language the consensus is that Prana is our life force and prana is our breath -- learn more about Sanskrit with Nicolai Bachman’s book, the Language of Yoga: https://amzn.to/2lihxYI
  • Working with the Chakras is strength training for your emotions and your thoughts
  • Dr Hiroshi Motoyama’s Theories of the Chakras book can be found here: https://amzn.to/2jMXW2o
  • Dr Jon Whale’s book can be downloaded for free here: http://www.whalemedical.com/NakedSpiritUKV2.pdf?fbclid=IwAR2fUrjGD5mmNHGrmCOSa6l1XRQIlByWIRHmL5FnvKnJ-kE-QsRRbHKIw4A
  • The key phrase of a healthy root chakra is “trust in a higher power”
  • Benefits of a strong root chakra
  • Signs of a weak root chakra
  • The word vendetta was created in Mani, South Greece :)
  • Physical practice for a strong root chakra
  • Foods and spices for a strong root chakra
  • Colors and crystals for a strong root chakra
  • Earth is the element that corresponds to the root chakra
  • How to incorporate earthing into your daily practice
  • The bija (seed) mantra to strengthen your root chakra is: LAM
  • The planet associated with the root chakra is Saturn
  • The archetype associated with the root chakra is the Snake
  • Take care of your subtle organs!


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