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Modern Day Expert - Catherine Dove EPISODE 2, 16th March 2021
Imposter Syndrome Will Take You Down
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Imposter Syndrome Will Take You Down

Welcome to episode #2 of the Modern Day Expert™ Podcast with your host, Catherine Dove.

Modern Day Experts care deeply about helping others create better lives and businesses. They are competent, successful, and have a proven track record. They are willing to do the required work to help people and build their online business.

However, having experienced Imposter Syndrome myself, and having worked with other online business entrepreneurs I understand more than ever before how Imposter Syndrome can cripple our online businesses.

In this episode, I am discussing the topic of Imposter Syndrome. sharing what it is, how to recognize it, how it can affect your online business, and how to conquer it.

If you don't believe in yourself, then how do you expect others to believe in you?

After listening to this episode, Imposter Syndrome won't stop you in your tracks.


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