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How To Send Personalised Email To All The Right People – Getting Friendly With Joe Fier
Episode 286th May 2020 • The Email Marketing Show • Email Marketing Heroes
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Want to get personal with your email subscribers? Is a personalised email enough, or is there more to it?

Whether you’re a usually a social butterfly or a lone wolf, there’s definitely something to be said about making that extra effort and getting more personal with your customers and subscribers.

Making that effort with subscribers could turn them into customers (yay) or it could turn one-time customers into raving fans!

Joe Fier is with us sharing all his top tips and strategies for building and maintaining amazing relationships with your subscribers – without being clingy!

Episode Content

  • (1:45) Funny fact with Joe Fier
  • (3:23) ‘It’s in my DNA’.
  • (5:00) It’s about that deeper connection, like know how they take their coffee deep.
  • (6:18) Email is always the one that kicks it off for us!
  • (7:16) The over-automation of relationships.
  • (8:55) Get personal the Joe Fier way, the strategy he uses to build those relationships.
  • (10:45) How to get the personalisation wheels turning.
  • (13:25) Are you the kind of person who needs to be pulled away from the party?
  • (14:52) IMPORTANT: These are your top targets.
  • (17:00) Just send the damn text!
  • (19:21) Subject line of the week with Joe Fier.

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