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Episode 8: The role of clinical science and research in today's hemp extract industry
Episode 83rd September 2020 • Hemp Collective • Hemp Collective
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Creating beneficial products derived from hemp for health requires the same discipline that's been applied to all botanical supplements. What's new is that we are still in the early discovery stages with the cannabis plant and many in the industry are also new to the rigors of clinical evidence.

Understanding the activities of various plant components, as isolates and in full spectrum forms, requires systematic study and analysis. For the industry to blossom into its full potential, these practices are necessary to truly open new markets and to ensure the safety and evidence needed to support human healthy benefits and claims.

Our duel conversations with Ananda Hemp's John Ryan, and scientist Anthony Almada, made it clear that adhering to the scientific method and investing in well designed clinical trials are not options, but necessities for the building a quality sustainable hemp industry.

During this episode, we explore: 

  • The return on investing in clinical research and trials. 
  • Understand how research converts to practical use in the field.
  • Where the science needs to catch up to the market.
  • How building a sustainable business goes beyond cultivation tactics.
  • That composition claims are under as much scrutiny as health claims.
  • Why the scrutiny of peer reviewed published science is needed to support efficacy and ultimately support claims.