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Launching a Brand Strategy Business Featuring Kevin Perlmutter
Episode 704th December 2020 • Going Solo • Smashing the Plateau
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Kevin Perlmutter is a Brand and Customer Relationship Strategist. He is Chief Strategist and Founder of Limbic Brand Evolution, where he helps CMO's, Brand and Business Leaders strengthen customer relationships through the lens of emotion. He applies behavioral science to turn emotional insights into a competitive advantage.   We discuss: 
  • Why experiences are more important than advertisement [1:23] 
  • Going back to your roots in order to move forward [4:55] 
  • The largest driver of loyalty for brands [6:36] 
  • The hardest client you will ever have [9:46] 
  • Going solo without going it alone [16:27] 
  • Why you have to keep your foot on the gas [18:00] 
  • The intersection where limbic sparks happen [19:36] 
Learn more about Kevin  at and Twitter. 



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