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67. Clearing Financial Trauma, Ego Deaths, and How to Actually Manifest Your Dreams in 2024 with Megan Rose Lane
Episode 6723rd November 2023 • Mindspo • Rochelle Fox | Mindset, Meditation & Manifestation Teacher
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Feeling stuck in the cycle of New Year’s resolutions without real change? Megan Rose Lane returns to the podcast, joining Fox to talk about their annual tradition, “Clear to Create.” In a world saturated with New Year’s resolutions, they saw a gap in the personal development space - a gap in holding space, letting go, and processing the challenges of the past year.

In this episode, they delve into the essence of creating from a space of clarity. Gain insights into their personal clearing journeys from 2023, discover what they're calling in for 2024, and learn about the transformative power of embracing this rebirth portal. This episode isn't just a conversation - it's an invitation to join a shared journey of manifesting your 2024 with clarity through the portal that is Clear to Create. Tune in and become part of the unfolding story.

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