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Scaling Mindset and Communicating to Hispanic Audiences | Gabriela Pulido, Scalto
Episode 2128th June 2022 • Brand Outlaw • Matt Reno
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Gabriela Pulido is the Founding Partner of Scalto, a company that focuses on branding and communications to help Hispanic and Latin American B2B service businesses become scalable. She joins the Brand Outlaw podcast to talk about business, communication, and how dealing with a harrowing experience made her stronger.

Topics from this episode:

  • Scalto and the "scaling mindset"
  • How does weak branding hold back scaling?
  • Miami's booming tech scene
  • Communicating to different Hispanic communities
  • Dealing with having been kidnapped in Venezuela
  • Best business cultures in Latin America

Scalto website | Twitter | Instagram | Gabriela's LinkedIn

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