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329 - 5 Ways to Level up Your New Member Experience
Episode 32926th October 2021 • The Membership Guys Podcast with Mike Morrison • The Membership Guys
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First impressions are key, especially in the membership world. A good experience in the early days is absolutely crucial to encouraging engagement, community collaboration, and retention.

But a good onboarding experience is just step one. Even if you have all the necessary steps covered, there’s still more you can do to amplify and enhance that experience.

In this episode, we cover five simple yet effective ways to level up your new members’ experience, so they’ll want to stick around for years to come.

This episode covers why you should try to go above and beyond in the early days, why a personal touch can help you create a great first impression, and how to make your new members feel welcome.

Essential Learning Points:

  • Why leveling up your membership experience can boost satisfaction and retention
  • How personal videos can go a long way
  • How a member questionnaire can help both you and your members
  • The importance of using segmentation
  • Why you should consider throwing a welcome party
  • How physical welcome gifts can be a welcome surprise

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Key Quotes:

“Any way that you can better tailor things to each particular member's needs will massively level up their experience.”

“This sort of stuff is really just about going that little bit further, putting in that little bit of extra effort to make someone's formative days and weeks inside your membership that much more enjoyable, that much more rewarding, and that much more productive.”

“That sort of welcome party can be really, really good for getting that buzz, getting that excitement, and helping people make those connections early on, all of which level up your member experience.”