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Climate Crisis - Challenge and opportunity. Sustainability - a true disrupter of business - Mike Barry
22nd July 2021 • The Marketing Society podcast • The Marketing Society podcast
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There’s no doubt about it that whilst there’s a lot of talk, action and impetus behind the climate challenge we all face - from a scientific viewpoint, the fundamental truth is that the world is moving in the wrong direction and quickly.

To slow this dangerous trajectory and turn things around, there’s a lot to do - it’s going to take some serious disruption, and there’s absolutely no room for any corporate ‘greenwash’.

Mike shares his passion, expertise and experience discussing the profound and fundamental shifts that need to happen to really bring about effective and very necessary change. The elephant in the room is consumption and the fundamental relationship we have with ‘stuff’. We’re going to need total behaviour change. Mike shares the three questions he’s looking for from businesses who are committed to driving change and what he did at M&S to build sustainability into the heart of everything they do. Answering one or two of the questions - just isn’t enough - All three questions need to be answered. Tune in to ask those questions of your own business.

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