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How To Turn Your Property Management Struggles Into Strengths With Ellen Vivers
Episode 1154th June 2024 • The Property Management Podcast with That Property Mum • Kylie Walker
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As a property manager you can get stuck in some pretty tricky situations which require a healthy dose of negotiation skills and a whole lot of patience and it can take a lot of strength to push through some of the challenges that you face.

In this episode I chat with Ellen Vivers who is a breath of fresh air. She has gone through the good and the bad experiences and has navigated anxiety and burnout at such a young age already but her story is one of triumph.

Ellen is a Leasing Consultant at Soames Real Estate and brings a down-to-earth character and country generosity to her role. Ellen is thriving in the Soames team and enjoying being able to help people every day. She has a background in secondary education, ancient history and a Certificate of Registration in Strata Management.

We were to not think about work, not talk about work. It's very hard not to do, especially when you're on an after hour course, but it is a good system to set up to help the people around you not think about it and to distract you as well  - Ellen Vivers

We explore:

·       Ellen’s  journey from Strata Management into Property Management

·       How to problem solve challenges that may arise and best support your clients

·       Strategies to support you in staying organised, reduce stress, overwhelm and that help to reset your nervous system

·       Mindset tools to help maintain positivity when faced with property management struggles 

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