Reclaiming Your Financial Freedom with Jamie Trull
Episode 6616th June 2021 • Rock Your Joy • Aine Rock
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"I ended up exactly where I was supposed to be, helping women entrepreneurs with their finances, understanding financial literacy, maximizing their profit, and reclaiming their lives." - Jamie Trull 

Society tells us from an early age that women are not good with finances – that numbers, dollars, and cents are a man’s domain. Jamie Trull is on a mission to help women break away from this myth and take charge of their financial literacy.

Jamie joined Aine to talk about the rise of women-owned businesses and how women can put on both their CEO and CFO hats to make the best decisions for their businesses. She shared advice for entrepreneurs looking to better understand their profits and losses as well as a reminder to pay yourself for your time and effort. Take a listen!

  • (02:05) Drawn to numbers
  • (05:20) Taking ownership with data
  • (10:34) Financial literacy
  • (12:50) Profitability deep dive
  • (16:11) Surviving to thriving
  • (20:24) Hustle culture
  • (23:25) Numbers as possibilities
  • (27:27) Finances in the home
  • (29:49) How is Jamie cultivating joy?
  • (32:31) Financial Fitness Formula
  • (33:13) Finance Basics

Jamie Trull is a Financial Literacy Coach and Profit Strategist who helps business owners understand the finance side of their business so that they can make and KEEP more money. Prior to becoming an online entrepreneur, Jamie spent her career rising in the ranks of Finance Leadership in the Coca-Cola System. 

After leaving the Corporate world in search of a more balanced and fulfilling life, Jamie leveraged her background and her CPA designation to serve women-owned businesses as a Virtual CFO.

Recognizing that there was a lack of truly accessible and understandable financial education resources for small business owners, Jamie pivoted her business toward creating resources to help fill that gap and impact more people. Today Jamie has helped thousands of business owners feel more confident about their finances through her resources and programs.

Aine Rock is an artist, entrepreneur, mom and High Performance Coach working on becoming the best version of herself and inspiring others to do the same. Rock Your Joy is a place for women to share the unique ways they find, cultivate, and celebrate joy. We’re often so focused on things happening to us that we forget that joy exists within us. Tune in every other week as we find that joy, together.

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