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Life Through a Dram - Danny Brown EPISODE 34, 25th January 2020
This Is Where We Take a Stand

This Is Where We Take a Stand

Almost seven years ago, I wrote a short story entitled The Cautionary Tale of Balderdash and Hogwash, which was a chapter in my book, The Parables of Business.

I was reminded of this by one of the readers of my newsletter, who emailed me with a note that stated, “More relevant than ever, with today’s climate of fake news, political divisiveness, and groupthink mentality when it comes to critical thought.”

I re-read the chapter again and, while I’d like to think that the world in general isn’t as gullible as the followers of the two main characters, current events would suggest otherwise. I thought I’d share it here with you in this week's episode, and add some new thoughts, seven years later..

Topics on the menu include

  • How the gullible will always have someone ready to take advantage
  • Why we need to heed the lessons of history if we're to avoid making the same mistakes
  • Why we need to keep fighting for those who have no voice of their own
  • How sometimes the silliest of stories have the biggest ring of truth

Settle back for a chat about not taking anything for granted, and why this time, this place, is where we need to take a stand.

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