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Supplementary Material 4: Passive Aggressive Therapists, Shit-posting Monks, and Weaponised Naivety
Bonus Episode13th April 2024 • Decoding the Gurus • Christopher Kavanagh and Matthew Browne
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We ponder whether, due to our naivety, do we actually deserve the gurus and other topics, including:

  • Is Hasan Piker even better than we said?
  • The ethical quandaries of online therapy with Dr. K
  • The False Halos of Status and Success
  • The Rest is History Luther series and parallels with Secular Gurus
  • The Power of Polemicists: Peterson, Trump, and Martin Luther?
  • Secular vs. Religious Gurus
  • Shit-posting Missives
  • Orthodoxic Atheism and Orthopraxic Religion
  • Lex Fridman's Reflections on Intellectual Humility
  • Some important Messages from the hosts


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