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Better Each Day Podcast Radio Show with Bruce Hilliard - Bruce Hilliard EPISODE 122, 30th March 2020
More Lost Tapes ~ Amberain Plays “Portrait” and “Stolen Space” with Bruce Hilliard
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More Lost Tapes ~ Amberain Plays “Portrait” and “Stolen Space” with Bruce Hilliard

There's a guy outside of my window throwing a knife at a tree. For the love of gaawwwd! Are we watching too much TV? NAAA!!

I saw Kelly Clarkson with no makeup (she actually looks better), Jon Bon Jovi singing old and unplugged and news reporters getting a chance to show off their journalistic prowess.

Some of the elected officials are showing actual sincere concern and not just lame PR “vote for me” rhetoric. That may be more unprecedented than the outbreak. People are stepping up.

The healthcare heroes are truly worthy of our deepest respect and cooperation. 

The grocery store put up plexiglass sneeze barriers so the clerk looks like the Pope back there. The actual Pope has moved to a bunker (I made that up), and we are staying six feet away from each other....and the band played on.

This episode features two more of the lost tape songs. Keep in mind, these recordings are from a cassette tape. The real masters, the reel-to-reel tapes, please realize, are really lost.

Here are two songs, Portrait and Stolen Space. Stolen Space started out as a jam song and eventually became a fav. Portrait was written by guitarist/vocalist Rick Frye. Rick passed away several years ago due to heart complications, which makes the song even more bitter sweet. It’s about having a broken heart. Here’s Portrait.

Honor your future, it comes with a lifetime guarantee. This is Bruce Hilliard...over and out!