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35. 5 Ways to Increase Student Engagement - Our Secret Weapon for Teachers
31st October 2022 • Teacher Approved • Heidi and Emily, Elementary Teacher and Resource Designer
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The recipe for a successful classroom includes a mixture of procedures, lesson plans, activities, and relationships. But the top secret ingredient? Student engagement. In order to accomplish this in your classroom, it requires a balance between novelty and routine. We’ve talked a lot about routine and procedures in the classroom in past episodes, so today we’re sharing how novelty plays a role to increase student engagement in a productive classroom.

If you think of student engagement as a scale, by adding novelty to your day, you’re providing an element of surprise that piques their interest. A term used in the business world addresses this situation, which is called surprise and delight. By creating surprise and delight in the classroom it does two things: changes behavior and strengthens relationships. In keeping those in mind, we share 5 ways to apply surprise and delight in your classroom that helps increase student engagement and keeps the scale balanced. 

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