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MSL: February 22, 2022
22nd February 2022 • Matt Slick LIVE • Matt Slick
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The daily radio broadcast of Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include: Does the Bible ever say that Jesus laughed or was happy? What do you know about JD Greer? Is it okay for a Christian to get a vasectomy? To what degree do I have to "deny myself and take up my cross" in order to determine that I am a child of God? What does the Bible mean by "wives tales"? Why did King James bar Puritans from being involved in the KJV? What are your thoughts on the divine decree? How do we write God's word on our hearts? Does God have to experience love to be complete? Does Genesis 1 teach a flat earth? Who are the angels in Revelation 9:14-15?   ==> Subscribe to the CARM Odysee Channel: ==> Watch Matt Slick LIVE on Odysee: ==> Subscribe to the CARM YouTube Channel: ==> Subscribe to the Matt Slick YouTube Channel: ==> Like CARM on Facebook: ==> Visit the CARM Website: ==> Donate to CARM:




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