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What if I'm Doing ALL The Work to Change... But My Wife Isn't Doing Anything At All?
Episode 12614th February 2023 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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What if I'm doing ALL the work to change... But my wife isn't doing anything at all? It’s not about HER – it’s all about YOU and YOUR process. Mark is an Empowered Man, providing us with the framework we all need to ACTUALLY do the work. You're not going to become a 'Boo Hoo Cry Heart' just because you do the emotional work. We're not teaching you to kiss butterflies and sh!t unicorns

You can still be a "tough guy" - it's about healing yourself first, though, so you can do the work on yourself – and then the relationship. It's not about venting or being miserable, either. Your misery loves company, and your venting is just verbal vomiting that isn't productive when it comes to actual growth. Today we're providing the framework YOU NEED to make lasting change – not just SEX after a good conversation. Become the Empowered Man you are meant to be. Let's get to work!

In This Episode:

- Mark unpacks his father's abuse insofar as it relates to 'being hard'

- What is the ACTUAL work YOU are going to do that is going to create lasting change?

- Calling all men to come to the table and be vulnerable and honest with their emotions!

- Understanding venting as a release of pressure – why it doesn't move your life forward

- Why your 10-year backstory isn't relevant when we're getting you to open up

- Are you doing all this to manipulate your wife? What is the purpose of your work?

- What is the difference between external and internal PAIN?

- Why her changes have NOTHING to do with you

- Are you focusing on your wife and HER movements – and it’s getting confusing?

- Remembering that the PLAN is to work on YOU!

- Taking the leap and becoming an Empowered Man yourself. Show up and see what happens!

And much more…