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41: Sidereal Astrology Forecast for the week of June 17-23
Episode 4117th June 2024 • The Cosmic Mystic Podcast • Danie C. Muniz
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Welcome to the latest episode of the Cosmic Mystic Podcast! Join us as we navigate the cosmic energies from June 17-23, focusing on the themes of curiosity, flexibility, and releasing. This week, we'll explore various transits that offer opportunities for healing, communication, and personal growth.

Sun Transits

The Sun's journey through Gemini until July 16 brings a shift in consciousness, encouraging social interaction, learning, and mental agility. With the Sun conjunct Venus from May 13 to June 26, expect a full expression of love, affection, and creativity. Embrace this time for giving and receiving, hosting events, and enjoying financial abundance.

As the week progresses, the Sun square Neptune from June 13 to June 25 may weaken vitality and motivation. Be mindful of confusion and disappointment in relationships, and try to avoid over-idealizing situations. However, the Sun sextile Chiron from June 7 to June 19 presents an ideal opportunity to tap into your potential as a healer, artist, and leader. Allow your wounds to fuel your imagination and inspire others through your unique journey.

Follow the Moon This Week

  • Mon-Tues: Libra - Embrace balance, partnership, and seeing both sides of a situation.
  • Wed-Thursday: Scorpio - Dive into the depths of transformation, mysteries, and rebirth.
  • Friday-Sunday (afternoon): Sagittarius - Explore, expand, and engage in higher learning.
  • Sunday (afternoon): Capricorn - Focus on planning, structure, and achieving your goals.

Mercury Transits

Mercury's transits offer a chance for deep healing and improved communication. The Mercury sextile Chiron from June 11 to July 1 encourages introspection and vulnerability, while the Mercury conjunct Venus from June 11 to June 23 enhances social interactions and expressions of love. As Mercury moves into Gemini from June 14 to June 28, expect heightened communication, quick thinking, and mental agility.

Full Moon in Sagittarius

The Full Moon on June 21 in Sagittarius highlights the balance between the details (Gemini) and the bigger picture (Sagittarius). Embrace the energy of curiosity, learning, and expanding your limits during this time.

Mars Transits

Mars transits bring a mix of challenges and opportunities. The Mars square Pluto from June 3 to June 18 may trigger power struggles and confrontations, emphasizing the need for physical release. However, the Mars sextile Mercury from June 17 to June 25 provides a mental and physical boost, ideal for tackling challenging tasks and advocating for your rights.

Cosmic Alignment Journey

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