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10 Year Freedom Anniversary
Episode 3411th October 2023 • The Diamond Life Mentor • Balazs W Kardos
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Ten years of freedom from having a boss feels like breaking free and finding true financial independence.

But it wasn't easy. Those early years were tough. 

Imagine earning $30,000 monthly with a full-time job and a side business down to $8,000 overnight. There's fear, anxiety, and stress, thinking if it was a good idea to leave the corporate behind. 

In this episode, Balazs W Kardos tells you what he did ten years ago on October 5, 2013, as he now celebrates his tenth freedom anniversary, traveling the world in business class with the family, meeting more people, changing their lives, having a passive income business and a mentorship program.

He feared making a mistake in leaving his job behind and losing what he earned before, but he believed that there was a guarantee. And guess what? He got ten times more income because it motivated him to work even harder in exchange for living the Diamond Life. 

He showed up, launched his business full-time, and became the best leader and salesperson to replicate himself with more leaders who could do the same.

"Your whole future depends on who you are and how you show up today. That's the bottom line. Your future life, the freedom, the luxury, the experiences, the joy, everything you could have depends on how you are or are not showing up today." - Balazs W Kardos

Don't miss out on this episode to learn the strategies that led to a decade of freedom, from not just leaving your job but building a business that is your master key to your financial success story.

Key Diamond Nuggets In This Episode:

  • Why is launching a business your master key to freedom?
  • When is fear not a bad thing?
  • When is the best time to quit your job and focus on business?
  • What does it mean by do or die season?
  • How do you follow-up with prospects without being pushy?

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