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Sean Tierney on giving people the power to participate
Episode 223rd November 2021 • DevOps State of Mind • LogDNA x StudioPod Media
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Episode Summary: 

Sean Tierney, DevOps lead at Athos joins us on this episode. We’ll get into cross-team collaboration, implementing version control systems, and how to think about automation when you’re constantly iterating.


1:17 How Sean Tierney ended up in DevOps

3:21 DevOps is an adventure!

4:20 Athos captures human electrical data to help athlete performance

8:50 What DevOps means to Sean

13:01 Blockers and why communication is important

14:20 Tools to facilitate DevOps at Athos

17:09 A single source of truth

17:40 Covid, remote working, and collaboration tools

20:45 Cross team collaboration and unblocking the blockers

24:15 A foundation of trust

27:00 Software teams + Hardware teams

28:45 Automation

31:45 DevOps in a small company vs in a larger organization

36:15 On the next episode!


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