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Episode 1311th November 2021 • Gainsight GameChanger Podcast • Gainsight / StudioPod Media
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Have you tried creating your personal brand? In this episode we talk to Dana Soza, Founder and CEO at Dana Soza Customer Solutions and 2021 Top 100 Customer Success Strategist, delving into some smart alternatives to optimize the search process for an ideal profile, both for an employer and an employee. She also shares with us her life purpose, how she found it, and how it has allowed her to position herself as one of the best talents in the world of Customer Success. Listen and find out the formulas for understanding what it takes to find or become the ideal employee, and how you can match with the company that best aligns with your priorities, skills, and interests.

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(02:09) - Dana’s backstory recognizing her life purpose - “I ended up teaching in Madrid, Spain, and that was when I realized what really lit me up in life was to make a marked difference in other people's lives.”

(08:55) - Transforming the laws of Consumer Success into Employment Success - “I started pulling books off the shelf and I thought: how can I use the knowledge that's in here to help me stand out as an applicant while also helping those people who are trying to find a job as well?” 

(12:40) - Dana’s solutions on how to find the right employer in the rapidly growing CS world - “I created this way-to decision matrix to whittle down what's most important to you in a company, and that will allow the research to find those companies that match what's important to you.”

(16:55) - Tools and mechanisms to choose the right role beyond descriptions and keywords - “You can actually look at your comp plan to understand why your role exists.”

(23:15) - Documenting your own resources is a great asset - “These are the types of engagements that you want to be able to document while you're on the job so that you can use them and talk about them in stories when you're trying to look for a new one.”

(25:33) The benefits of automation for employees and employers - “These types of tools are automation tools to make it easier to find those potential candidates.”


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