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#023: Course vs. Membership: which one should you choose?!
Episode 237th March 2022 • Talking Small Business • Kat Schmoyer & Megan Martin
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Today, we’re talking all about what you should create as a small business owner: a course vs. a membership. As two digital product educators, this is a question that we get a lot. Our students want to know what kind of setup is best for their business, along with the types of products to create. While it's easy to look at a membership and the recurring revenue it provides, we want to break down some of the things to consider when deciding between these two digital products for your business. We'll be discussing the commitment level that both take, your experience, and our own trials (and errors!) as digital educators, too. This is going to be a cool conversation, so let's dive into course vs. membership: which would should you choose?

What we’re discussing today:

  • The makeup of a course
  • What makes a membership different from a course
  • When memberships and courses overlap
  • Who might be perfect for creating a course
  • When is a membership most appropriate to create
  • Why you should consider your brand awareness when creating a membership
  • How starting with a course can be beneficial


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