How Patents Shape Society
Episode 1016th December 2022 • Blackletter • Thomas Dunlap
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What role have patents played throughout history in shaping our society as we know it today?

On the Blackletter podcast this week, host Tom Dunlap sits down with Robert Greenspoon, an attorney at the Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig law firm, to discuss patents and how they have become integral to the progression and formation of our society. Rob provides examples of patents representing the history of invention from 100 years ago to the present and discusses how they are relevant to today’s current affairs. For this podcast, we suggest that listeners take the time to watch the video version of the show, as Rob provides visuals that give context to the topics and themes of today’s eye-opening episode. So tune in and watch — you won’t want to miss it!

Check out this episode of the Black Letter Podcast to hear Rob share his expertise on the importance of patents in shaping our society. And to achieve the full experience of this episode, visit the Blackletter website to watch the video version!