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Iranians Are Navigating Massive Internet Blackouts & Helping Storm Watchers With Accurate Forecasts Of Severe Weather Events | TF318
Episode 31811th October 2022 • The Feed with Amber Mac & Michael B • AmberMac Media
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To Celebrate Small Business Month in Canada, Amber gives us 4 top tips and tech tools to help strengthen your business. Plus, CEO Scott Beatty introduces us to Marine Labs: the coastal intelligence company helping storm watchers by providing accurate insights into the strength and trajectory of severe weather events. Also, we talk to the founder and CEO of Vegpal, Dahlia Eisenberg, about how their dating app connects vegans around the world. In Socially Speaking, we discuss why you may need "Sober October" more than you know.

Links to this week's stories and discussion:

  • [10:10] 4 Top Tips & Tech Tools To Help Your Business
  • [17:53] Apptastic
  • [26:32] Scott Beatty:
  • [35:23] Dahlia Eisenberg:
  • [41:13] You May Need A "Sober October" More Than You Know

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