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Rage Vacuuming and Self-Care
Episode 2912th November 2023 • Mucked Up My Self-Care Podcast • Jill Olish and Linda Bonney
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Apparently, the vacuum was one of the many supposedly labor-saving devices marketed in the 1920s that promised to liberate middle-class women, now managing their houses without live-in maids, from the drudgery of housework. And Jill and Linda have found another useful reason why the vacuum is so helpful. RAGE vacuuming. A form of expression which allows us to take out some of our frustration on the poor floor sucking device. Listen in as we expand and explore what it means and giggle through different aspects: We talk about:

  • How naps (or lack of) can affect our mood, routine of the day and sleep at night.
  • Anger as an emotion. How often we are taught and believe it is ‘wrong’ to get angry.
  • People pleasing and being the peacemaker tendencies and how that can compress and amplify in unexpected ways.
  • Stepping back, less interference, and compromises when trying to resolve issues of tension and anger.
  • Postpartum rage. Why isn’t anyone talking about it and what does it really mean under the roof of mama’s across the globe? Outward expressions of frustration and reaching the point where we blow our top.
  • Words spoken, internal talk, misinterpretation, and how we want to change.
  • How we process tantrums. Of our children, of us both before and after having children.

So, get out the vacuum, you never know it might be exactly what you need right now.

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Until next week – we hope you can unstuck your muck!




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