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Building a Memorable Brand
Episode 33313th June 2024 • Mortgage Marketing Radio • Mortgage Marketing Radio
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In this episode, we talk with Scott Payne from Shape CRM to discuss the importance of standing out in business and optimizing lead management for loan officers. Scott shares his journey of becoming memorable in the industry through his unique personal branding, which includes wigs, humorous t-shirts, and fitness videos.

**Top 5 Keys You'll Learn**

1. **Being Memorable:** Find out how Scott used unique outfits, including wigs and muscle shirts, to create a personal brand that stands out in business events and conferences.

2. **Serving the Community:** Learn how Scott turned morning school drop-offs into a positive and impactful experience, even involving fun videos with his kids!

3. **Fitness & Business:** Discover the connection between Scott's fitness journey and his professional life. He shares how quitting alcohol and focusing on fitness helped him improve personally and professionally.

4. **Shape CRM:** Get the lowdown on the Shape lead management system and how it prioritizes tasks, saving loan officers two hours per day and significantly boosting efficiency.

5. **Flexibility & Tech Insight:** Understand the diverse uses of CRM systems across industries and the benefits of Shape's flexible, no long-term commitment approach.

**Fun Fact from the Episode:**

Scott's choice to wear a wig and business attire at conferences was inspired by the positive response to his playful "Fun Here Friday" videos. Plus, each wig comes with a touching backstory connected to his father's experiences.

Notable Quotes:

"Being memorable is not just about standing out, it's about making a positive impact on those around you." - Scott Payne

"The right CRM system can give you the most precious resource back—your time." - Geoff Zimpfer

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