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Our Passive Income Report - May 2021
24th June 2021 • The Wealth Without Wall Street Podcast • By Russ Morgan & Joey Muré
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#195: If there's a way to earn money without working, people can spend more time with their families and pursuing their passions. Unfortunately, most people have to work to earn. But there are systems you can follow to build passive income streams. First, you need to have access to cash, then invest in businesses aligned to your interests. You can learn more about this by taking the Investor DNA quiz. 

Russ and Joey have also been sharing their monthly passive income report to get you excited about building your wealth. Aside from walking through the numbers, they also discuss the decisions they have to go through with each investment opportunity. Always remember, the first investment you should make is in yourself. Tune in for more information on how you can achieve financial freedom sooner. 

May 2021 Income At-A-Glance:  

Gross Income for May: $102,589.11

Total Expenses & Fees for May: $46,359.62

Total Net Profit for May: $56,229.49

Difference b/t May & April: $1,941.66

% of net profit to overall gross revenue: 55%