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Episode 78: The Motivation Hack
Episode 7817th June 2021 • The Growth Boss Podcast - Building an eCommerce Business from 0 to 6 Figures • Deirdre Tshien & Bona Rai
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As I face the THOUGHT of packing for my vacation in the Hamptons, I immediately descend into de-motivation...

Into procrastination and doing all the other things instead...

Anything else so that I just don't have to get to this simple task of packing...

Something that I KNOW is going to get me to the end result of having an amazingly fun and relaxing trip.

And as I do this myself, I realize just how often we all do this...

De-motivate ourselves from doing the important but unsexy things we know we need to do for our businesses. To get the end result of finding success in our business.

If you're finding yourself sometimes getting into a motivation hole and need a hack to help you get out of this state, then this episode is for you!

Join Deirdre & Bona - from The Growth Boss - as they put into practice the growth strategies and secrets they teach their eCommerce clients, taking their own e-commerce businesses from $0 to 6-figures!

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