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Episode 5: This Little Light of Mine
Episode 531st March 2021 • JOLLYLAND • Marc Shawn & The Vocalizers
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Two young teens, Gracie (Kathryn Foxx) and Marky (Chris Pannowitz) try to stop an evil demon, Krumpus, (Diabolus Regem) who has been kidnapping all the young kids in their town and forcing them to face their own deepest, darkest fears. 

In this episode, we explore themes such as death, redemption, consequences, and finding one's greatness. We introduce four new characters in this episode!

Gracie (Foxx) delivers the bad news to her friends, Amanda and Marky (Lilly-Rose Moore and Pannowitz) about her father and what Marlene has told her.

Melody (Danielle Graham) and Sebastian (Isaiah Katz) try to escape Divine Child as Emily and Henry Baker (Marie Katz & Marc Shawn Serrano) try to adopt a child.

Principal Carter (Lucia Ramos), Mrs. Zink (PinkIceDiamond) and Mr. Rogers (Brandon Timbuktu Williams) finally have the school under control, but they run into a new problem. Jason Anderson (Cory L. Cain) and Jonathan Serrano get into another school fight.

Becky (Emi James) meets up with Steve (Diabolus Regem) at Abundant Life Ministry where Pastor Darlene (Rebecca Meares) gives a sermon.

And finally Hans (Kjetil Eriksen) decides to take matters into his own hands when he discovers one of the kids have been freed.

What will happen next? Find out on our next episode of JOLLYLAND -- Available wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Narration by PinkIceDiamond 

Written by Marc Shawn & The Vocalizers 

Produced & Directed by Marc Shawn Serrano 

Edited by Marc Shawn Serrano, Marie Katz and Emi James.

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